Glu Sheild

GluStichGluShield® is a new product being used by first-aid administrators, athletes, trainers, sports medicine professionals, and dermatologists to treat a number of different dermatological traumas. GluStitch® is primarily indicated for the closure of uncomplicated linear or curvilinear lacerations with little or no tissue loss.
Here’s why GluShield® is better:
1.  It is a non-toxic medically approved form of cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive.
2.  It protects from external bacterial invasion and reduces bacterial contamination.
3   It reduces the pain involved with trauma to the skin.
4   It will stay on several days even through gentle washing, showing and daily activity.
5  Wounds heal much faster than wounds treated with traditional methods.
6  GluShield® does not need to be removed. It will naturally slough over time.

Glu Stitch Products

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